Draw Furries is a how-to art guide with step-by-step instructions and demonstrations provided by furry artists Lindsay Cibos and Jared Hodges. The first installment in a series of three books (its sequel being Draw More Furries, and the following book being Furries Furever).

Draw Furries features 8 explanatory chapters/sections: Felines, Canines, Equines, Rodents, Birds, Furry Extras, Color (Step by Step), and Perspective/Settings.


How to Create Anthropomorphic and Fantasy Animals

What do you get when you cross a human with a horse (or a hamster, or a hummingbird)? You get any one of a number of fun anthropomorphic animals, also known as "furries" to their friends. From facial expressions to creative coloring, this book contains all the know-how you need to create anthropomorphic cat, dog, horse, rodent and bird characters.

Step by step, you'll learn how to:

  • Draw species-appropriate tails, eyes, wings and other fun details
  • Give your characters clothes, poses and personalities
  • Create the perfect backgrounds for your furry antics - with two start-to-finish demonstrations showing how

Packed with tons of inspiration - from teeny-bopper bunnies and yorky glamour queens to Ninja squirrels and lion kings - Draw Furries will help you create a world of crazy, cool characters just waiting to burst out of your imagination.

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